• Hide.Me.Somewhere.Safe. Vol.1: MoCAB

    “Hide. Me. Somewhere. Safe” is an ongoing project which I began in 2012 with a series of photographs in the abandoned Museum of Contemporary Art building in Belgrade. From the position of an artist at the very beginning of her career, I dared to use the collective neglect toward one of the most important cultural institutions in the country as a means to place myself in a space which would under any other, that is any ordinary circumstances, be inaccessible as a venue. One year later a series of photographs was created in Skopje. Both series represent a reflection of the relationship toward (Yugoslav) cultural heritage, history and current realities. As opposed to the vacant MOCAB site, Skopje today represents a vibrant construction platform, which uses the hyper-production of contemporary antiquity in an attempt to realizea very obvious political goal: the fabrication of historical inheritance for the purpose of creating (a new) national identity. For a moment taking control of spaces which do not belong to me, I engage the question of identity, or more specifically 'identity thinking', through a personal position as an artist in Serbia today, as well as through a critique of the relationship between the state and society toward culture and art.