• There is a Place for Astronauts

    The project “There is a Place for Astronauts” is a series of 3D anaglyph photographs. Each of the 8 photographs represents a separate micro-narrative and inscription into places which (according to geographic coordinates) either do not belong to me or to which I do not belong. Through the act of sleeping in each of the photographed spaces, those places have become a part of my personal emotional map. Photographs in this instance represent a sort of daily journal, a poetic statement which, transposed into the medium of an image, becomes as artificial as dreaming itself, while the impossibility of the revival of a moment is potentiated by the procedure of stereographic photography. Anaglyph photographs are one of the most striking fascinations I recall from childhood, and the very title of the series also alludes to the dreams of that period and represents a transformation of the finite space of memory into the infinite space of dreams. Placing intimate meta-narratives within urban space poses the question of the distinction between private and public (given that the majority of photographs is taken precisely in hotel rooms which in fact belong at once to everyone and to no one). The influx of intimate discourse into public space has the goal of meaningfully reshaping the urban environment.